Hi, my name is Denis Cappellin. I currently live in Verona, Italy with my wife and two kids. I work and enjoy doing something. Definitely I would like to write more posts... but too much things to do and one day is only 23.934 hours.
You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinboard and Stack Overflow.


You can email me or try to catch me on Twitter.

  1. When emailing DO NOT use subject lines like "Hi", "Hello", "Read this", or "Something for you"...they''re too commonly used by spammers, decreasing the likelihood that your message will get through my spam filters to me. Oh, and no blank subject lines.
  2. No attachments. This includes whatever weird signature images, vcards, background wallpapers, and the like that your email client automatically attaches to your email. I have spam filters set up to delete email with attachments from people I've never corresponded with before.
  3. For the posts on my site, I turn on comments. If possible, respond to those posts by leaving a comment, not via email. If you feel uncomfortable responding in public drop me an email. Please do not use comments as a general contact mechanism.


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